How do refund requests work?

Creating a refund request

To initiate the process, start by logging in. Then, access the user menu by clicking on your avatar located in the top right corner, and select "Author Dashboard.", then you will find the option of order history in the sidebar, click on it, here you will find all the products that you have purchased, whichever product you want a refund for, there will be a refund button on that product, click on it

The refund request process

After a buyer has submitted a refund request, the seller has 5 days to assist the buyer in resolving the issue and/or determine the refund request.

If the seller fails to respond to the buyer's refund request within this timeframe, the request will be automatically resolved in favor of the buyer.

If the seller responds to the buyer through the refund request but does not make a decision, the request will be automatically closed, and no refund will be issued.

Processing the refund

If a refund request has been approved, mvnthemes will handle the processing. This typically takes 1-2 business days to complete.