How can I request a refund?

To initiate the process, start by logging in. Then, access the user menu by clicking on your avatar located in the top right corner, and select "Author Dashboard.", then you will find the option of order history in the sidebar, click on it, here you will find all the products that you have purchased, whichever product you want a refund for, there will be a refund button on that product, click on it

You can find more info on how refund requests work here.

Please note that we do not refund your purchase in the following situations:

  • The reason for the refund is you have made an accidental purchase.
  • The reason for the refund is you don't want the item anymore.
  • The item is not working as it should because you do not have the expertise to use the item correctly.
  • The problem is caused by a misconfigured environment is not by a defect of the item itself.
  • You have not posted a message with a detailed description of the problem in the support section of the item or have not given the author the chance to solve the problem.
  • If the purchase is more then 30 days ago.